New Domain

I have moved to my own Domain … where I will continue to dazzle  with cuteness and charm.

Hope to see you there … 🙂 Sandy

Posted by Sandy Pandy
Date : January 10th, 2017

Winter Cosie

Out with the Fall Theme and in with the Winter “Cosie” theme … NOW it’s beginning to feel a lot like Winter

Posted by Sandy Pandy
Date : November 25th, 2016

TCG up and running

Well I did it! I have my TCG site up and running. Just completed my 1st challenge: Sicara’s Dec. 2016 challenge. Waiting for approval and trades. Next I’ll be working on the TCG ride and sumfin’ else … hope you’re all staying warm.
Hugs- Sandy

Posted by Sandy Pandy
Date : November 23rd, 2016

Coming along …

Whew – been busy getting the website SandyPandy into cyberland. Making pages, working links, adding contents, makings links and checking them twice. I had forgotten how much time it takes to put a website together, but I love it. I am self taught in html and bbc coding. I love coding – from scratch too. Yes- I’m a web geek. *chortles*

I will continue to add stuff. Then it’s off to the drawing board to make my own graphics and pixels for TCG and swaps/collections.


The only thing I can’t figure out with WordPress (i’m proud I’ve been able to figure it all thus far) is to make another website off of this one with a different theme/look. For example I want to get my TCG Site all its own – when you click on the link from SandyPandy (home) it should open in a new window (as a new website off of SP) with its own theme, menu and links.

I want to be able to close that window out (when done) and return back to this main/home site. I know that made sense.

I will get there I will I will I will. I’m sure I overlooked HOW to do it, I’m open to learn.


If you find any error pages or broken links – please email me at sandyepandyATgmailDOTcom or if you just need anything or have questions for me … I typically respond within 48 hours or sooner.


Off to cuddle up with my dog and watch some Hulu

Posted by Sandy Pandy
Date : November 20th, 2016

Hello world!

Hello World!!

My first Word Press … much love and gratitude to JoJo for setting me up with WP and my new website. I’m so excited … Bear with me as I work behind the scenes settling in …

JoJo – I love you so much dear heart!


Posted by Vanilla Patch
Date : November 19th, 2016

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